Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017



-30 minutes of DreamBox due tomorrow
-Extra Practice pages 125-126 (on pg 126 give unit info and write a sentence)
-Look over Practice B, page 146 in textbook for tomorrow.


-Read AR

Shurley Grammar

-Be able to list the present and past tense helping verbs (see pg 214 in textbook) for the Chapter 7 Test on Thursday.

Social Studies

-Read this week's Time for Kids Magazine (You do not need to answer the questions inside.) Bring it back on Friday to use during the quiz.
-Study Vocabulary Flashcards. (The quiz on Thursday will have a word bank.)



Tests and Quizzes

-Chapter 7 Shurley Test- Thursday 1/12
-Social Studies Vocab Quiz- Thursday 1/12
-Unit 6 Math Test- Friday 1/13
-Time for Kids Quiz- Friday 1/13

Important Announcements

*Every student will need to bring a drink for their lunch Wednesday 1/11. If a student orders lunch, the lunch will not come with a drink. Thank you!