Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January 10, 2017



-Dream Box, 30 minutes due by midnight tonight.

-Workbook Review 6, pages 138-139 (all problems), pages 140-142 (circled problems only)
Due Thursday - iXL: Q.1, Q.2, Q.3, Q.4
(15 minutes or 100% whichever comes first, due by Friday 1/13)


-Read AR

-Read "The Tree of Life" handout and write your responses to the questions on the back of the handout. The questions are at the end of the passage. Be ready to discuss the page on Thursday.

Shurley Grammar

-Be able to list the present and past tense helping verbs (see pg 214 in textbook) for the Chapter 7 Test on Thursday.

Social Studies

-Read this week's Time for Kids Magazine (You do not need to answer the questions inside.)
Bring it back on Friday to use during the quiz.

-Study Vocabulary Flashcards. (The quiz on Thursday will have a word bank.)



Tests and Quizzes

-Chapter 7 Shurley Test- Thursday 1/12
-Social Studies Vocab Quiz- Thursday 1/12
-Unit 6 Math Test- Friday 1/13
-Time for Kids Quiz- Friday 1/13

Important Announcements

Tomorrow the 5th graders will visit the Middle School!
*Please arrive at 7:45
*Bring a notebook or something to take notes on, and a pencil.
*Bring a drink for lunch. Students who ordered a lunch will not receive a water with it.