Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 25, 2017 (No Homework Night)



-Dynamath due Friday 1/27
-Look over Practice B (pg 112 in textbook) for tomorrow.


-Read AR
-Work on Spelling City Activities. Tuck Everlasting Vocabulary Test 2/2

Shurley Grammar

-Chapter 8 Shurley Test on Thursday, 1/26

Social Studies

-Read your "Coolest Inventions" Time for Kids magazine. There will be a quiz on Thursday. Return your magazine to school to use during the quiz.

-Social Studies Test Friday 1/27 on Lesson 9 "Life in Colonial Williamsburg" pages 120-135 (Make sure you study the vocabulary words highlighted in the book)



Tests and Quizzes

- Chapter 8 Shurley Test on Thursday, 1/26
- TFK Quiz, open magazine, Thursday 1/26
- Social Studies Test, Friday 1/27
- Tuck Everlasting Vocab Test 2/2

Important Announcements

-Dynamath due Friday 1/27