Thursday, January 19, 2017

January 19, 2017


-Complete page 106


-Look over Practice A (page 114 in textbook) for tomorrow.
-Complete Extra Practice pgs 105-108 (Do not do B on page 108. On pgs 107-108 find area and perimeter.)

-30 minutes on Dream Box due Tuesday 1/24
-DynaMath due next Friday 1/27


-Read the "Fountain of Youth" handout and answer the questions at the end. (Write your answers in cursive on the back of the sheet.)
-Read AR
-Work on Spelling City activities.
Tuck Everlasting Vocab Quiz Monday 1/23

Shurley Grammar

-Complete Classroom Practice 38

Social Studies

-Read the TFK magazine. Return the magazine to school tomorrow to use on the quiz. (The "TFK Extra!" is just for fun and not part of the quiz.)

-Social Studies Test next Friday 1/27 on Lesson 9 "Life in Colonial Williamsburg" pages 120-135



Tests and Quizzes

-TFK Quiz, Friday 1/20 (open magazine)
-Spelling Test, Friday 1/20
-Tuck Everlasting Vocab Quiz, Monday 1/23
-Social Studies Test, Next Friday 1/27

Important Announcements