Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017


-Finish pg. 115
-Unit 17 Test on Friday


-Spend 15 minutes working on the Shapes app.
-Study for Unit 5 Math Test, Friday 2/3


-Finish reading Ch. 12 in Tuck Everlasting
-Read AR

-Work on Spelling City Activities. Tuck Everlasting Vocabulary Test 2/2

Shurley Grammar

Social Studies



Tests and Quizzes

-Tuck Everlasting Vocab Test, Thursday 2/2
-Unit 5 Math Test, Friday 2/3
-Spelling Unit 17 Test, Friday 2/3

Important Announcements

*Track Meet Tomorrow at 10am. Bring your P.E. Clothes!
*Hudson's Class: Practice reading your New Year Assembly part. You do not need to memorize your note card, but practice so that you can look up at the audience occasionally. :)