Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 6, 2016


-Study for Unit 5 Test on Monday 10/10


-Workbook review 2 pages 41-45 (#15 solve with computation, #16-18 Model Draw)

-Study for next Thursday's Math Test using these pages: Textbook: 29-50, Workbook: 22-45, Extra Practice: 29-50


-Finish Wonder Book and Wonder Packet

Shurley Grammar

Social Studies

Review for Monday's Election Test:-Study your worksheets- Voting in the US, The Political Parties, The Campaign Trail, Women's Rights.
-Study this week's Election TFK
-Study your Election 2016 book, pages 10-15 and pages 18-22



Due Thursday, October 13th. Read and complete  pages 22-25 in your text book. Watch and respond to Canvas video.

Tests and Quizzes

-Spelling Unit 5 Test Monday 10/10
-Election Test Monday 10/10

-Wonder AR Test: Tuesday, October 11th during reading class.
-Math Unit 2 Test Thursday 10/13

Important Announcements