Friday, October 28, 2016

October 28, 2016



-Finish your 30 minutes in DreamBox
-Finish the 15 minutes on iXL from any day this week. 

-30 Minutes of Dreambox Blue by 11/1


-Begin Dictionary Dig Worksheet (Use a dictionary!) Due November 15th
-Respond to the Frisby discussion boards- Mrs. Frisby adjectives using text evidence, and the discussion board "Go to the rats"

Shurley Grammar

Social Studies



-Read and Complete Pages 26 & 27 in S&T Textbook. Watch and Respond to Chapter 1 Lesson 3, Part 3 Video in Canvas. Due Tuesday 11/1

Tests and Quizzes

- Science Quiz on Chapter 1, Lesson 3 - Friday 11/4

Important Announcements