Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 25, 2016


-Finish page 60


-Workbook pages 56-57
-iXL L.18 for 15 minutes 
30 Minutes of Dreambox Blue by 11/1


-Read pages 39-44 in NIMH

-View the "Book Report" video on Brain Pop and take the Graded Quiz. (To access BrainPop HW: -Open Safari -Go to BrainPop.com -Log in (top right corner) -My BrainPop -Assignments  -Tap on the links: 1. Movie 2. Quiz)

-If you received a "Spelling City" printout, listing your missing assignments, complete those tonight.

-If you have not finished it yet, finish your Pen Pal letter.

-Bring in your Wonder book if you left it at home today.

Shurley Grammar

-Finish Classroom Practice 19

Social Studies



Read and Complete Pages 26 & 27 in S&T Textbook. Watch and Respond to Chapter 1 Lesson 3, Part 3 Video in Canvas. Due Tuesday 11/1

Tests and Quizzes

-Spelling Test on Friday 10/28
- Science Quiz on Chapter 1, Lesson 3 - Friday 11/4

Important Announcements

-Bring in a reusable shopping bag to help make class transitions easier! :) 
30 Minutes of Dreambox Blue by 11/1