Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 19, 2016


-Complete pg 56
-Study for the test on Friday 10/21


-Complete Sprint Sheet 507A
-Work on DynaMath, due 10/24


-Read pages 12-19 in Frisby, and answer the questions on Canvas.

Shurley Grammar

-Finish Classroom Practice 17

Social Studies

-Log on to Canvas and use the link to Quizlet to study your vocabulary words. Vocab Quiz on 10/20
-Complete page 27 in your "Election 2016" Booklet
-Study for Friday's quiz on the Electoral College (see your Electoral College printout), and pages 23-27 in your "Election 2016" Booklet.



Tests and Quizzes

-Social Studies Vocabulary Quiz, Thursday 10/20
-Spelling Test on Friday 10/21
-Quiz on the Electoral College, and pages 23-27 in your "Election 2016" Booklet. Friday 10/21

Important Announcements

-Charge your iPad :)