Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017


-Complete first page of Colonial Times.
-Start studying for test Friday.


-Complete WB pgs. 60-64.
-Look over Practice B (textbookpage 73) for tomorrow.

-Unit 9 Math Test on Thursday will include review questions.
-DynaMath Due April 5th


-Read AR-Imagery Journal Due May 4th
-Book Report Due May 8th (The Rubric and Instructions for the Book Report can be found on Canvas!) 

Shurley Grammar

Social Studies

-Read your assigned section in the Social Studies textbook.



-Chapter 3, Lesson 2 Video - Due Tuesday April 4th.
-Read and Complete pages 84 - 87 in Science and Technology - Due Wednesday, April 5th
-The Tools of Science Book - Due Thursday, April 6th

Tests and Quizzes

-Unit 9 Math Test on Thursday 4/6
-Science Quiz - Chapter 3, Lesson 2 quiz - Friday, April 7th

Important Announcements