Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 20, 2017


-Complete pg. 150
-Study for Unit 22 Test


-EP pgs. 211-215
-Graded assignment Friday on material from textbook pgs. 76-84 and pgs. 86-88 (through #4)


-Context Clues, Exercises 5 & 6 (front and back)
-Read AR
-Imagery Journal Due May 4th
-Book Report Due May 8th (The Rubric and Instructions for the Book Report can be found on Canvas!) 

Shurley Grammar

-Finish CP 52

Social Studies

-Read the "Well Suited" TFK Magazine. The open magazine quiz will be Monday 4/24



Tests and Quizzes

-Unit 22 Spelling Test Friday 4/21
-D.C. Test Friday 4/21

Important Announcements

*Your child has been given a permission form for the Rad Kids program. Please read and return this form if you would like them to participate!