Thursday, April 27, 2017

April 27, 2017


-Study for Unit 25 Test tomorrow


-Make Box and Whisker Plots for #'s 1-6 in packet. Complete on graph paper.
-DynaMath Due May 1st


-Figurative Language Sheet (front and back)
-Read AR

-Imagery Journal Due May 4th
-Book Report Due May 8th (The Rubric and Instructions for the Book Report can be found on Canvas!)

Shurley Grammar

-Study for Ch. 11 Test tomorrow

Social Studies



-Read and Complete S&T pages 116-123 - due Friday 4/28

Tests and Quizzes

-Unit 25 Spelling Test on Friday 4/28
-Chapter 11 Shurley Test on Friday 4/28

Important Announcements

*Please return the lunch order form for our Movin' On Up Luncheon.