Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 29, 2017


-Study for the D.C. Vocabulary/Spelling Test on Friday 3/31


-WB pages 56-57
-Look over Practice A pg. 68 in your textbook for tomorrow.

-DynaMath Due April 5th


-Unit 8
-Read AR
-Book Report Title and Author Due March 31st
-Imagery Journal Due May 4th
-Book Report Due May 8th (The Rubric and Instructions for the Book Report can be found on Canvas!)  

Shurley Grammar

Social Studies

-Read the Animal House TFK. Quiz on Friday, open magazine.



Tests and Quizzes

-D.C. Spelling/ Vocab Test Friday 3/31
-Animal House TFK Quiz (open magazine) Friday 3/31

Important Announcements

-The Graduation Certificate, Dog Tag, Epcot, and Flight Simulator forms are due by Friday 3/31 (Copies will be sent home Wednesday if we are missing your form.)

-If you could not attend our D.C. Meeting today, a packet of information (including one form) will be sent home on Wednesday.

-Bring your recorders back to school by Thursday for Music class! :)