Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March 14, 2017


-Complete pg. 142


-Dream Box 30 minutes due by midnight.
-Look over Practice B pg. 41 in textbook for tomorrow. 

-Curtis Only: Finish Workbook p. 29
-Unit 7 Part 2 Test on Friday 3/17


-Complete Unit 2 (Making Inferences)
-Read AR
-Book Report Title and Author Due March 31st
-Imagery Journal Due May 4th
-Book Report Due May 8th

Shurley Grammar

-Complete list of 15 common and 10 proper nouns from your AR reading.

Social Studies

-Finish American Revolution Notes
for Sections 5-7

-Quiz on Thursday 3/16 on the American Revolution



-Chapter 3 Quiz on Friday 3/17

Tests and Quizzes

-S.S. Quiz on the American Revolution, Thursday 3/16
-Math Unit 7 Part 2 Test on Friday 3/17
-Science Chapter 3 Quiz on Friday 3/17

Important Announcements