Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28, 2016


-Finish pg 91


-Workbook pages 83-85 (model draw with unit information)
-Complete 30 minutes of DreamBox, due Friday 12/2


-Read in Mrs. Frisby pages 149-157, Chapter 20 "The Main Hall"
-Complete the Spelling City Vocabulary Assignments and study for the vocabulary test tomorrow.
-Work on your Spelling City Roots assignments, due on Friday 12/2
-Dictionary Dig, due Tuesday 12/15

Shurley Grammar

Social Studies

-Watch the BrainPop video "Thirteen Colonies" and take the graded quiz. (To access: Open Safari, Go to, Log in at the top right corner, Go to My BrainPop, then go to Assignments)



Tests and Quizzes

-Frisby Vocabulary Test-Tuesday 11/29
-Chapter 6 Shurley Test- Thursday 12/1
-Spelling Test- Friday 12/2

Important Announcements