Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 2, 2016


-Complete page 68
-Study for Unit 9 Spelling Test Friday 11/4


-Workbook pages 64-65
-Complete 30 minutes of Dream Box Blue. Due 11/8


-Go on Canvas and answer the questions for "In the Rosebush"
-Spelling City Vocabulary Activities for Mrs. Frisby due on Friday 11/4
-Study for Mrs. Frisby Vocabulary Quiz (no word bank) on Friday 11/4
-Work on the Spelling City Activities for Roots    
-For a ticket- Complete the Crossword that was sent home today!

Shurley Grammar

-Finish Classroom Practice 22

Social Studies



Have a parent sign your problem statement in Notability and turn into Canvas. Due 11/4.
Complete Quizizz -  295276 Due 11/4.

Tests and Quizzes

-Science Quiz on Chapter 1, Lesson 3 - Friday 11/4
Spelling Test Unit 9 Friday 11/4
-Mrs. Frisby Vocabulary Quiz (with no word bank), Friday 11/4

Important Announcements

-Curtis' Class: Start working on lines for Veteran's Day Assembly
-Charge your iPad :)
-Dream Box School Code: 7kau/oakhs