Thursday, February 16, 2017

February 16, 2017


-Study for Unit 19 Test Tomorrow


-Hudson only-Finish Workbook pages 10-11(NOT model draw- computation)
-Curtis only- Finish Workbook p. 9, and do EP page 151. For #2, estimate and solve.
-Dynamath: Hudson Due Friday 2/17,
Curtis Due Tuesday 2/21
-30 Minutes of Dream Box due Tuesday 2/21


-Read AR
-Work on Book Report. Due Feb. 27
-Imagery Quotes in Journal- Due March 3

Shurley Grammar

Social Studies



Tests and Quizzes

-Unit 19 Spelling Test Tomorrow, 2/17

Important Announcements

*Practice your recorder only at home, not during Aftercare. We recommend you store your recorder in your backpack, so it is sure to come back to school next Wednesday for Music.