Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016



-Use these pages to study for tomorrow's test:
Textbook: pgs 80-103
Workbook: pgs 79-101
EP: pgs 79-92
*There will also be a review section of the test covering Units 1-3


-Study your past Mrs. Frisby chapter quizzes.
Frisby AR Test Tomorrow 12/13

-Frisby Paper Test Wednesday 12/14
-Dictionary Dig, due Thursday 12/15
-Write back to your Upper School Pen Pal over the break! Your return letter is due 1/3. (Do not communicate with your pen pals via phone, email, social media, etc.)

Shurley Grammar

Social Studies

-Chapter 7 Test on Thursday 12/15
Study the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies. Textbook pages 93-101.Workbook pages 44-45.



Watch and respond to Chapter 2, Lesson 3 Video in Canvas. Read and complete pages 48 - 59 in S&T textbook. Due Tuesday 12/13.

Students may begin Science Fair Experiments. Students should only collect their data and take pictures. Data must be collected before we return from winter break.

Tests and Quizzes

-Unit 4 Math Test Tuesday 12/13
-Frisby AR Test Tomorrow 12/13

-Frisby Paper Test Wednesday 12/14
-Chapter 7 Test on Thursday 12/15
-Science Test Chapter 2 on Thursday - 12/15

Important Announcements