Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September 21, 2016


-Activity 5- circle the misspelled homophones and write the correct spelling above each word.
-Spelling Test Friday 9/23


-Workbook pages 27-28
-Look over Practice B, page 37 in textbook for class tomorrow


-Read Wonder pages 142-152


Social Studies

-Study your List #2 election vocabulary words on Quizlet. The link to the Quizlet list is on Canvas.


-Work on the Saludos y Sentimientos Worksheet. Due Monday 9/26
-Work on your famous Hispanic Person Project.
Due Friday 9/30


Read and complete pages 11-13 in Science and Technology textbook. Watch Chapter 1, Lesson 2 Video in Canvas and answer the question in Canvas. Due tomorrow, Thursday 9/22

Tests and Quizzes

-Spelling Test Friday 9/23
-Election List #2 Quiz on Wednesday 9/28

Important Announcements

Remember: Friday is a half day for students. Dismissal is at 11:30 and there is no aftercare.